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Day Care & After Care

khumbulani provides day care and after care to children up to the age of six who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. As many crèches do not cater for HIV positive children they are often excluded or the parents are reluctant to disclose their status because of this. This can result in children not receiving the special care they need or the danger of infecting the caregivers or other children if their status is kept secret. Khumbulani fights the increasing occurrence of child neglect in deprived areas of Khayelitsha. Currently there are 160 children in the day care centre.


Khumbulani’s staff members make sure all children are treated equally, whether or not infected by HIV. The specific medication, usually to be taken once per day, is not provided at Khumbulani, but it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to make sure the children get the medicines they need. Khumbulani also provides a 24 hour refuge for children. It is addressing emergency cases, when children do not have anybody to take care of them e.g. in case of death of their parents. The children are being taken care of until foster parents are found if no other family member can take care of them.



Support Group

Child Support Group & Youth Programme

Khumbulani also offers OVC services to as many as one hundred and fifty children who are school goer’s age of 07- 18 years. Same as in day care, this programme also offers education, life skills programme,Basic Computer,Workshops and Psycho – Social support. As part of this programme we organize excursion tours for our children, assist them with home works and also a meal for the day.

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Copyright © 2021 Khumbulani Health Education & Resource Centre

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